January 06 Extras

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From Jayson:
Christmas Conference is such a great time for students to connect with the greater Campus Crusade for Christ mission and meet other students who are doing similar things in other areas of the region.

One of the highlights for me was running into a guy named Jeff. As we were preparing for the first meeting, the camera/lights/sound crew decided to take a break at the same time as the band took one from practicing.

A member of the worship band walked up to me and said that I looked familiar, and asked if I had gone to Edinboro, because the staff guy who was leading worship had said that he “needed to talk to one of the camera guys” for that reason. It turns out that Jeff had gone to Edinboro my freshman and sophomore year. As a matter of fact, I have for a long time credited him with my beginning to lead worship as part of ministry.

See, Jeff was a junior when I started at Edinboro. He played guitar for the one ministry that was at Edinboro that year (CCC didn’t start there till the next autumn). I went on-and-off that year, but every time I did Jeff talked to me and would invite me to hang out with a group of people afterwards. I had been playing guitar for about 2 years at that point. The following fall, as I started getting involved in Campus Crusade, Jeff encouraged me to start playing guitar for worship and gave me some pointers.

Jeff transfered to another college the following spring and I didn’t expect that I’d run into him again. Some of our (Carrie and I) college friends would be talking about people who had graduated and someone would inevitably throw in, “Remember Jeff Dressler?”

Jeff isn’t on staff, but attends a church with Pete Manni who leads worship at a lot of conferences that CCC has. It was great that God re-connected me with someone who he had used to steer me towards ministry without even knowing it. (There is a picture of Jeff below.)

From Carrie:

Misc. Conference Pictures
Tommy Nelson Rick James Pitt Girls
Tommy Nelson Rick James Girls from Pitt
Paul Eshleman My Camera Shot someone else and Lee
Paul Eshleman If you look on the screen, that is a shot from the camera Jayson was running Lee from Allegheny College
Lee other staff jeff dressler
Lee again and a student from IUP Jeff, Landon and Jake PA staff from other areas Jeff Dressler, who was a student at Edinboro when we were.

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