Keep us in your prayers, we’re headed up to North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Baltimore and DC over the next 4 weeks.

Pray for effectual meetings, new partners and safe travel.

We’re also looking forward to seeing family and friends again while we’re up there.

A couple of weeks ago the 700 Club had piece on about The JESUS Film Project®, specifically about the recently released remastering of the audio and visual elements of the film, as well as our 35th anniversary. They interviewed a number of my coworkers, including our director Erick Schenkel, some of the techs who worked on the remaster, and “Q” who who started hosting our tours recently.

We wanted to share it with you all as a reminder of how JESUS Film is working and how our loving God is working through it around the world.

devour-one-more-timeThree hundred missionaries are returning home.

Last August I had the privilege of helping to train many of them to share the Gospel using our Jesus Film Media app. We’ve gotten some great stories that I could share, here’s part one that was passed on to me today. Here Erica shares about her flight back to Michigan…

On my long flight from Germany to Detroit, I sat down next to a girl from Poland. She was a physics phd student traveling to the US for a week to do two experiments at Michigan ​State ​University​…

As we chatted, we started to talk about her boyfriend and relationships and I shared my testimony with her about how finding Jesus’ love gave me the strength to get out of an unhealthy relationship. For her being a scientist, she explained that most people in Poland are catholic but that she isn’t sure there’s a God. I explained that for me, also as a scientist, I really needed proof of God’s work and existence and that he has given me that through a series of things that match up with his Word in the Bible.

I also got to share about how Jesus interacted with women in the Bible and how this was different than how many religious leaders would have. As we were exchanging names and contact information, I asked about her name, Magda. I asked how she got her name and she explained that it is short for Magdalena. I told her that it was beautiful that she was named after someone with a beautiful story of redemption. I asked her if she’d ever seen the movie named after her. She said no and was intrigued so I pulled out my iPhone and showed her the Magdalena film on my app. We couldn’t watch it right then, but she brought up the film later in our conversation again and said she really wants to watch it when she gets home.

I’m hoping to swing by east Lansing this afternoon or Thursday to have lunch with her. Praise the Lord for his work in her life and pray with me that the film will stick with her every time she remembers her name.

After most of a year of going overseas to bring the Gospel, the Lord saw fit to cap the journey off with one more opportunity to share His words of grace!

Pray for Magda and Erica’s lunch with her on Thursday!

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