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The previous night’s Women’s Time speaker, staff member Millie Welsh, had shared some pretty candid truth and kicked us in the pants about pursuing accountability, community, and lives of purity, and eventually the conversation came back to that. What a privilege to see this small group of women bring some of their deepest junk out into the light, several confessing things out loud for the first time ever!
I hear the trumpet and I am rallying. This semester has been a lot of intentional work investing in the men on our campuses. In January I took on a group of Slippery Rock guys who are leaders in the movement there because they were starving for someone to pour into them; the two week book study has turned into one of the things in my week that I most look forward to.
I am no longer a student. I have not been for half a decade. And yet, a casual acquaintance that I gathered in college who currently lives hours away, still, years later, contacts me with spiritual questions, and the internet has given him the platform to do so. I don’t believe that I am unique or special in this.
This is the time of year our life begins to sound like a AAA commercial. But despite the ever-growing litany of destinations, it’s amazing what God can do in six weeks! It was just May 20th that we put our life in boxes and left 417 E. Washington Blvd for the last time to head to our first destination, Ocean City, MD Summer Project.
As of July 6, we have a new residence — a one-bedroom apartment in Arlington, VA! You may not know how significant that is, but when our last letter went out (July 1), we had no idea where in the area we were moving to…
…they had approached a student named Alan from Indonesia to find out about the campus, and the conversation turned to spiritual things. Just about the time that language started becoming a barrier, a random bystander from the Philippines butted into the conversation to help. As it turns out, Harbin (the bystander) is a Christian student and super excited to find believers to join him in sharing his faith…
Facebook is currently the 7th most popular website on the entire Web accounting for almost 2% of all web traffic– almost every college student is on the site daily. In the past month, we’ve spent just over $200 to advertise – and from that we’ve had 1,500 students visit the site and 20 indicate that they received Jesus Christ as their Savior.
This month, since our team is such an integral part of our ministry and daily life, I (Carrie) would love to give you a glimpse of our DC family.

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