2005 Newsletters

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These students came together with a thirst to connect with the God of the Universe. For our 23 Western PA Catalytic students who came dealing with issues like bone cancer and sexual abuse, a chance to experience fun, worship, prayer, friendship and growth doesn’t present itself like this every day.
We started by asking God for 25 new believers. Now, as people have shared stories of God adding 25, we celebrate and ask for 50. Then 100, and so on. In one student’s words, “Prayer strikes the winning blows for souls, and evangelism brings in the harvest.”
Looking around, everyone is sporting facial piercings, tattoos and black shirts bearing images of skulls, guns and phrases like ‘Bury Your Dead’, ‘the Killer’ and ‘Unearth.’ At the front of the hall, five guys on stage flail and play instruments at decibels that can rival a jet takeoff, while one screams into a microphone… this is hardly the place most people would expect God to be working.
Both the Freys and the Weimers are starting on new things this summer as well. Michael and Carol will be heading to Ocean City, MD to lead a group of about 25 students on a summer-long project… Jason and Maria, on the other hand, will be heading out… to Maricaibo, Venezuela…
Every once in a while, the Lord allows a glimpse of what He’s doing, reminding us that this whole thing has very little to do with us, and much more to do with a completely sovereign God making Himself known.
That’s why Campus Crusade for Christ continues doing what no other ministry attempts: a ten-day long manditory biennial gathering of all 6,000+ US staff. Amid 88 afternoon seminars and plenty of time to renew vision… in one of Outside magazine’s “Top 10 American Dream-Towns.”
For those who’ve kept up with our webpage, this is old news, but WE HAVE REPORTED TO CAMPUS!!!
At first glance, Campus Crusade at Edinboro (or “Cru”) isn’t blessed with flashy personalities or social clout. But the testimonies of faith and perseverance that God is developing in that group’s leaders are incredible.