Our ministry is a three-fold partnership between us, the Lord, and individuals & churches who care deeply enough to partner with us financially and in prayer.

We can’t do any of what God has called us to without people partnering with us in three ways:

Prayer Partnership

We send out updates and prayer requests somewhere in the vicinity of once-per-month.
We’ll add you to our distribution list however you’d prefer: by postal service, email or Facebook updates.

All we ask is that you read and actually pray for the requests presented.

Financial Partnership

Our ministry is absolutely dependent on partners that the Lord has led to give financially, particularly those who give on an ongoing basis.

Some give $10/month a few give more than $400/month.

Advocate Partnership

More than 50% of our support comes from people that we did not know before mutual friends connected us to them. These referrals are far more valuable than the financial partnership that any one person is able to do.