2008 Newsletters

Date Excerpt
Serving with a ministry as large as Campus Crusade for Christ has its perks. One that comes to mind for me (Jayson) is the wealth of encouragement and wisdom that comes in the form of the leaders God has placed above us. Not far behind is having access to lots of different roles and responsibilities to explore our best fit in ministry. This year, the former has strongly encouraged us to take advantage of the latter…
March Alisha is one of the corresponding group of women that I (Carrie) have had the privilege of spending my last five Wednesdays with, and one of the strongest women I know.
April So to help gain momentum, our tiny team brought in a task force to increase our manpower by 900%: 60 students from further south willing to “fly north” for spring break. Hailing from Radford University in southern Virginia and the University of Georgia, these brave souls (some relatively new to faith themselves) hit the ground running
May As this year has wrapped up, we wanted to take some time and look back at past letters so we can update you on things that we’ve asked you to pray for in the past and celebrate!
August We even made the “Deans List” — all As and Bs – although Carrie, the non-Communications-Major in our marriage, is still having nightmares about the public speaking…
September To make a long story shorter, one of our longstanding prayers and cautions has been that God would give us the humility to be team players in this city, even servants — ones who help diffuse what can often (legitimately) be the biggest turnoff to faith: arrogance, competition, and division among the body of Christ, including his ministers.