We Have a New President

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Steve & Christy Sellers. 
Steve is Campus Crusade for Christ, International’s new president

We have a new president…

…of Campus Crusade for Christ, International.

What did you think I was talking about?

In July of 2001, as a student on a Cru Summer Project in Florida, I was offered the opportunity to visit Cru’s biennial staff conference in Colorado for a recruiting event. Needless to say, it worked! That weekend at the 50th-anniversary celebration, Cru’s visionary founders, Bill and Vonette Bright, passed the mantle of leadership to Steve and Judy Douglass in an empowering act of humility, vision, and trust. Last week Steve Douglass again passed the baton to Steve Sellers.

President and Friend

I was commissioned to Cru’s staff two years later, less than 24 hours before Bill Bright died of pulmonary fibrosis. While I’ve always held the Douglasses in high regard, attending a small church together for nearly a decade allowed us to know them up close. They’ve played with our kids, eaten dinner in our home, and blessed us with prayer and good counsel. Over that time, my respect for Steve and Judy has grown from theoretical to personal. With a style very different from the Brights, Steve’s practical “can do” optimism and Judy’s tenacious loyalty have blessed our organization, staff, and partners immensely! 

Passing the Torch 

Like the best leaders, Steve Douglass sensed the Lord calling him to end his time leading CCCI and pass the torch again. Through a fairly lengthy process, the board appointed Steve Sellers (former Executive VP and US National Director).

Carrie and I recall years ago, Steve Sellers sharing of a formative season when the Lord called him to repent of his “smugness.” Another time, Steve shared how Spirit used an immobilizing “flat on his back” injury to deliver him from frenetic activity and self-reliance. Indeed, Steve Sellers has been one of the most humble leaders I’ve ever experienced; his care for people and willingness to listen and empower others is sure to be boon to Cru and the broader church in the complicated season ahead. 

During his commissioning, he affirmed Cru’s unchanging calling, “We will continue to go with a commitment to the Great Commission being our direction, and the Great Commandment being our passion.” Pray with us for Steve and Christy as they follow the Lord in this new role.

Update: I found out after hitting “publish” on this that Judy’s book When You Love a Prodigal is currently on sale on Amazon for $1.99 this month on Kindle. She’s an incredibly gifted writer. I would 100% recommend picking it up, or her other recent book, Shaped by God-Words for Life, which is $6 in the Cru store.

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