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Just over a year ago now, we met Bobby when he moved in across the street. We never would have guessed then, how this past year of his life and our lives would play out.

While we were gone on a trip in August last year, he was arrested and started a rough journey that led him to where he is today.

Here’s where he is today…

Last night, Bobby and I sat on my back porch and talked for about 4 hours. Tomorrow he’ll move into a sublet that he’ll be renting from his boss who owns the remodeling company he’s working for. He’s doing everything he can to keep as far away from his old addiction to pills as he can – he’s even being smart and not taking any pain medication, not even aspirin, because he feels like the Lord has instructed him to stay away from them.

He’s reading the Bible a lot. We got him an ESV that he loves. He’s started to read Desiring God by John Piper and is constantly asking questions about theology and his new salvation, and looking for ways to reach out and bless others.

Back in January we posted something on Facebook asking some of you who were praying for him if you could give to help keep him on his feet. More than $2100 was given in less than 15 hours! This money, in addition to the small amount that he’s earning now is making a huge difference in helping out.

In addition, during his last few weeks in jail, people from our church also went to go visit him. One family gave him a bike that we’re going to install a 2-stroke motor on today to help him get around independently until he’s able to get his driver’s license back.

Bobby misses his daughter, Sarah, but – for now – it’s okay because it means that his ex (who has been the root of so many of his problems) is also nowhere near him. Pray that he’d know how to pursue being a good daddy while keeping himself smart and safe.

In the next few days we’re going to post a video of Bobby telling you in his own words what’s been going on. (Here’s the last video from January.) Thank you for continuing to pray for him and us!

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