Tim Keller on Merit and the Gospel

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This summer at our US Staff Conference Tim Keller spoke a few times, and encouraged us to remember the Gospel. He even quipped, “I’m going to talk about the Gospel. What kind of idiot would talk about something else at a Campus Crusade for Christ conference?”

Here’s a clip from his talk the first evening.

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We do not merit any part of our salvation! This is the Good News!!

Tim Keller is the pastor at Tenth Presbyterian Church in New York City and the author of one of the best books about explaining the Gospel to our friends and neighbors today – The Reason for God. I’d recommend anything with his name on it.

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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for posting this. My internet speed is not that good, is there any way I can download this and play it for my House Church Group from my HDD?

    1. Greg, unfortunately I don’t have the rights to share it past here. The video is copyrighted through Campus Crusade for Christ. You may just want to prepare it by letting the video load all the way through and then showing it. If your church meets in your own house you can even start it loading 20 minutes before hand (by hitting play, then pausing it) and let the page stay up and then just hit play when you’re ready.

      I hope that helps some, sorry that I couldn’t provide a download.

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