The JESUS Film Project is dead, long live the Jesus Film Project. — February 2016

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The JESUS Film Project(s?)

What happens after a few decades of good ideas built on good ideas, led by entrepreneurial people who love new things? An organization that looks a little like the image at the beginning of this update.

All of these logos, all of the “organizations” fit under the larger umbrella of The JESUS Film Project… and there are at least a half-dozen more that I can think of off-hand. But, just like our house after opening all of our kids’ Christmas gifts, the questions start to be asked, “How does this all fit under one roof? How do we remember where everything goes? Wait, whose is this?! Where did this even come from?


So, in the past months, I’ve been a part of two projects. First, a complete rebranding for The JESUS Film Project, and a major update to – both will be released publicly on April 15. In our recent all-staff meeting, our director, Erick Shenkel shared some amazing vision for JFP’s future mission and effectiveness.

  • We currently have 1,392 translations, pushing toward 2,000.
  • Along with our partner ministries, every people group on Earth could be engaged with the Gospel by the end of 2018.
  • By 2025, we, along with partnership ministries that are a part of the Global Alliance for Church Multiplication, plan to plant 2.7 million churches worldwide. (560,000 have already been planted since 2010.)
  • These churches could potentially reach 2.7 billion people.
  • Cru/CCCI’s mission plan is to develop 10+ million multiplying disciples by 2020, and to reach 1 billion people in 1 million new people groups.
  • More than 1.3 billion people worldwide will likely be reached with the Gospel only through digital resources.
  • The next generation of church leaders will receive their practical and theological training through the internet. The JESUS Film Project is leading the charge at providing the infrastructure and resources.

I am excited to help create more and more effective strategies and tools to reach everyone, so that everyone can see, hear, and follow Jesus, no matter where they are in the world!

Pray that the next few months of preparation for the brand rollout would go smoothly, and that I would be able to engage with it as much and as well as possible as we also prepare for the “rollout” of our new son toward the end of February!

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