My Hacked Gmail

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My GMail account has officially been hacked into. As of this past Saturday, someone hacked into my account. They sent me a message today in response to the message that I had sent them to make sure that the account wasn’t just locked or something. Can anyone help. I’ve contacted GMail and, so far, they have not helped me …

Email Problems.

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Just so you all know, one of our emails has been hacked. If you get a weird email from, disregard it – it’s not from me! Please pray for the situation, there is a lot in there that I need to get to as soon as possible!

I love our job (prayer letter)

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It really feels like it’s been a long time since we’ve updated… I guess it has been since Christmas. Christmas conference was great this year (as usual). If you want to get an idea of how great it was, check out the website for it (link), we’ve uploaded most of the seminars from the it on the “media” page, check …