November 2013 Update – JFM at 1 Year

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JFM One Year Later This past month Jesus Film Media celebrated a milestone — our app and platform officially launched a year ago! Things have gone better than expected over the past 12 months. Our app has been installed on mobile devices over 175,000 times. People have hit play on our films more than 17 million times. We’ve added and …

November 2011 Update

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“Armed” for Battle One of the best things about this season of focused fundraising is the wealth of time we get to visit and worship with friends, and meet the folks who are important in your lives too. This month, one church we visited studied Exodus 17, with Moses’ upraised arms and staff bringing Israel to victory over Amalek. Incredible …

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November 2009 Update

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“How’d it go?” After a busy first 8 weeks, Fall Retreat, and 25 visiting staff “blitzing” four DC campuses for 3 days, there’s never been a more reasonable question to ask.  And I’ve never felt less sure how to answer.  Can I let you eavesdrop a little while I think on it? Carrie, do you love me? Yes, Lord… Why do …