Pray for RADIATE08

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Please be praying for this room. Tomorrow (12/28/08) we’ll have almost 1,000 students filling this room to hear from God’s word and to learn how to “Radiate His Love” to the world. I’ll try to share pictures from the weekend (I have the inside scoop on them too… Carrie is one of the official photographers for the week).

December 2008 Update

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Peniel: A place to wrestle. Yesterday on the way to the Goodwill Store, my Pakistani friend Zharguna mentioned that her son joined the high school wrestling team.  Coming from a country where physical danger is a daily reality, she orients her life around the safety of her four children, even here. “They hit each other. Is it dangerous?” she wanted …

One Drop in the Bucket

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Wow, what an afternoon! The World AIDS Day program put on by the student group B.A.M.N. (By Any Means Necessary) was informative and heart-wrenching, if nothing else. Upon arrival, I was given a red ribbon pin, a set of thought-provoking questions, and a seat on a panel among five others: a professor, a psychologist, an AIDS expert, and two students …

Georgetown Meeting

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The meeting went very well. Carrie was able to talk about specific plans that we hope to work with next year and I was able to talk about the ways that Campus Crusade for Christ has grown and matured corporately since they were asked to leave over a decade ago. We will not know if we’ve been accepted as an …