September 2013 Update

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Three Generations Every August, a flurry of activity on campus launches a virtual tent city by the student union as different groups promote their cause. Three weeks ago, Cru at UCF sprang into action with our tent, just across from the Secular Student Alliance with its banner reading “Good without God?” This time last year, a freshman passed our tent …

August 2013 Update

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Stand-Making Curiosity. Confusion. Vague guilt. Defensiveness. Legitimate questions. This was something close to the string of emotions that charged through me as I read the email forward that was printed off and tucked into the self-addressed, stamped envelope we recently received back from a completely anonymous friend. No return address. No signature. The gist of the forward? “The postage stamps …

July Update Video from Bobby

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Here’s a little update from Bobby. Carrie, Fia and I are headed out of town for 4 weeks and he wanted to take the opportunity to share what has been happening since January and what he’s trusting the Lord for next in his life.

Update on Bobby

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Just over a year ago now, we met Bobby when he moved in across the street. We never would have guessed then, how this past year of his life and our lives would play out. While we were gone on a trip in August last year, he was arrested and started a rough journey that led him to where he …