Summer Assignment

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Well, we received our summer assignment today, and I can’t lie and say I’m not a little disappointed. Carrie and I were hoping to spend the summer taking seminary-level classes in Colorado – it was a little bit for selfish reasons. I love Colorado.

We were supposed to get our assignment about a month ago, so I called last week to ask where we’d be going and was told that they were having problems filling spots where they needed people, particularly on Summer Projects. A lot of this is due to the CM07 event in South Korea – thousands of students gathering there for global mobilization to take the gospel everywhere. CM07 is taking a lot of campus staff there as well and is shorting a lot of the regional summer projects.

So, our assignment is – Ocean City Maryland! I did like OCMD last year, it was our second choice, and I still get to spend 10 days in Colorado for the National Staff conference. I’m praying and working towards being excited for Ocean City. It’s not there yet, but I’m sure it will grow!

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