Staff & Vision

Joining Staff

As graduation approached, we both felt that God was calling us to join the staff of Crusade full time – we wanted to spend the best parts of our day helping college students to understand the Gospel in a way that they could wrestle with God over whether they believed it for themselves. Carrie and I both trained in 2003. In August of 2004 we were married and we finally reported to campus in 2005 after raising our initial support.


While we got our feet wet as new staff, we learned deeper what it meant to be committed to evangelism and discipleship as a lifestyle as well as a job. Regardless of where we go with Campus Crusade, we are going to be working towards a vision of reaching every student on every campus by creating spiritual movements everywhere so that every student will know someone who truly walks with Christ. Campus Crusade for Christ has said it this way for a long time, but even more as our culture changes it’s becoming the reality more and more that people are coming to Christ through relationships with Christian friends that they trust. A recent study found that 95% of new believers on college campuses made their decision for Christ through the direct influence of a trusted friend.