Sex and the City…

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In case you were wondering, our “Peniel” night of wrestling with God went down with relatively few hitches! About 25 students came, ate our food, heard a solid message from Jayson and connected over some intense discussion questions.

Next up, a sex panel in honor of World AIDS Day! No, we are not that brave. However, a group we partner with at Prince George’s Community College IS that brave and invited me as a panelist, and I would be hard pressed to find an excuse to turn down such an opportunity! The themes for discussion are “The Power of Sex” and “Cycles in Relationships.”

Needless to say, I would appreciate your prayers on Monday afternoon, and this weekend as I prepare. The enemy has certainly lived up to his reputation of being one to “kill, steal, and destroy,” especially in this community. Pray that my responses would be clear and rooted in scripture, and that I would say nothing apart from the Spirit of God as he puts his thumb on the tender areas of sexuality and relationships in these students’ lives…

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