Pray for American University this Friday

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I just got an email from American University’s chaplains’ board, and I’ve been hearing rumblings from our student-friends at AU about something going on this week on campus. On Friday, January 14 the hate-filled Westboro “Baptist” “Church” will be protesting at AU (the quotes are intentional, they are in no way really Christians and I don’t want to insult any of you who are Baptist).

I can’t figure out the specific reason why they’ve chosen AU, but my concern is not that, but the students there. Wherever Fred Phelps and his “church” (which is made up almost entirely of his offspring and their spouses), it only stirs up hatred – first theirs toward everyone else, then the hatred of everyone around them toward them and as a fallout can intensify their audience’s distrust of faith, religion and God. Please join with us this Friday to pray that students would walk away from the protest, counter protest and whatever else and would seek Truth. Pray that through this students would seek to know a God who cares about them, but cares also about dealing with their sin. Also, pray that WBC would be ignored on the whole and that even they would come to know our God of justice, grace, mercy and love.

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