Edinboro CRU – PRAY!!!

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As of the beginning of October, Edinboro University has revoked CCC’s status as a recognized group. To clarify, this is not a case of the University discriminating against us.

At the beginning of every school year every recognized student organization has to turn in paperwork confirming that they are still an active group – the paperwork is due on September 30th.

On September 30th I received this email from the faculty advisor Dr. Hurd:


The Campus Crusade for Christ has not sent in their paper work. The Organization Registration form. It is due today. After today they will be inactive for a semester. Please get this paper work in. Thank you
Xxxxxx Xxxxx (name removed by me)

So, needless to say all the running around was not done that day, it was just not possible. Last Wednesday, when we went to go into our room to meet the doors were locked and we were not allowed to enter because we are no longer an active group and therefore are not allowed to reserve rooms. We met out on the basketball courts and had a great time of worship and prayer – but the situation is obviously less than ideal.

As I type I had and idea of a possible remedy and one of the students leaders is following up on it. Please pray that the Lord will do whatever He is intending through this and that our ministry at Edinboro will be advanced through this!

Edit:Cru at Edinboro is not the only organization that lost their active status – 50 out of 120 student organizations did not turn their paperwork in on time. That is more than 40%!

Katrina Relief Effort

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The national media may have begun to forget about the disaster in the Gulf Coast, but we have not. From October 28th through the 31st a group of at least 20 Western PA students and staff will be heading to Pass Christian, MS to help with the relief effort there. Visit the link to see a little more info.


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Hey there. This week we got good news. We are going to be able to stay on campus – part time.

Usual CCC protocol is that you get all the way to 100% with support before you’re aboe to work on campus at all; they’re making an exception. We’re going to be working on campus for the most part, but setting aside time to do support stuff. Mondays on the whole will be support days as well as many Fridays and some Saturday mornings.

We’re still in need of about 5% of our basic support, not to mention special gifts and making up for outstanding support that just has not come in.

Please pray that we’d be able to be dilligent to do our job(s) to their fullest!

We’re still alive…

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Hey, we are still around. We’ve not been updating due to some extensive technical difficulties. My computer is in working order now, we just got DSL yesterday and we’re almost ready to go (still having some problems with the wireless router, but I think I can remedy that).

Ministry since the last update 19 days ago has been going well…

Edinboro has gotten off to a great start! The student leadership is very much on the ball, moreso than we ever were as students. They’re excited and working hard to have a forum to share about Christ with their classmates. Despite some confusion over what room we were meeting in last week, we had upards of 35 people there last week; this is great that we’re picking up some involved new freshmen and seeing people take hold of the ministry. Also, we had a graphic design professor share part of her testimony at the weekly meeting (“CRU”) last week and she invited some of her students; Carrie and I talked to them afterwards and they seemed interested enough that I won’t be surprised if we see them tonight.

Last Friday we had 21 student leaders from 4 schools in our house for the year’s first “Freyday Feast” (named after our directors Michael and Carol Frey), a time for student leaders to get a vision of their part in the larger picture and to exchange ideas of how they can better reach their campuses. We spoke about publicity on campus and how important it is to make sure that the entire campus knows that we’re there; if there’s even one student that doesn’t know that CCC exists on their campus and would be interested if they did, we’re missing our scope!

Speaking of Michael and Carol, I forgot to mention that on August 31st, they welcomed the newest addition to their clan Jacob Thomas, he’ll join Andrew, Rachel and Abby (and Michael) in raising ruckus in the Frey household.

I want to keep this short, but please keep in your prayers the new ministries we’re trying to get (re)started at: the Community College of Allegheny County, Penn State Beaver, Penn State Behrend (Erie), Robert Morris, Pitt Titusville and Pitt Bradford.

P.S. Check out what Campus Crusade is doing to help the Katrina Releif Effort – http://www.campuscrusadeforchrist.com/katrina/