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November 4th, 2005 has been a sad day.

This afternoon Carrie’s “mammy” passed away after a 4 month stay in the hospital/rehab. Catherine Regi was an amazing matriarch, mother and grandma (and grandma-in-law); she had a strong and vibrant relationship with her Savior and is now in his presence. Please pray for us and Carrie’s extended family this week as we adjust with the loss. We will miss her, and I feel like I have missed out on getting to know her better.

Also, my maternal grandma had surgery today and found out that she has pancreatic cancer and it has begun to spread. She will have to go in for chemo therapy soon. Please pray for recovery, but, even more important, that my grandpa will have a soft heart to be open to Christ’s love at this time.

Thank you so much!

Pray for my brain.

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I have a lot on my plate…

I’m speaking tonight at Clarion, about what? I’m not quite sure yet. I have to plan a Bible Study for Behrend on Thursday as well and I have a full day tomorrow.

In in the movie Tommy Boy, David Spade says, “Did anyone see Scanners?” – I know what he’s talking about now.

Pray that my brain doesn’t blow up.

Update (7:04 PM) – The talk for Clarion is done. Pray that I will be filled with the Spirit of God that students will be affected to follow after God’s plan of reaching every person with His grace.

New Week – New Challenges

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This week shouldn’t be nearly as busy as last week, but will still be full for Carrie and I.

Today (like most Mondays) is our planning day, preparing for Bible studies, ‘Cru’ meetings, appointments and beginning the week with the Lord. We’ll spend a lot of today at a desk or in front of a computer screen preparing for the week ahead.

To be honest, I don’t know Carrie’s full schedule for this week, but I can ask you to be praying for some specifics for me…

Tomorrow I’ll be in Butler for a Bible study at a community college – pray that more students would come out and that God would lead me to students taht will be leaders there.

Wednesday, as usual, will be a little busier and longer. At noon I need to be up to Edinboro to meet with a non-traditional student that used to work with Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship in the Erie area to discuss how to work together to reach Edinboro. I’ll also be meeting with the new pastor at Edinboro United Methodist to meet him and see how we and the church might be resources for one another. After a break to have dinner with my mom while she’s in the area we have Cru (the main meeting) where I’m sure students will share their experiences from this past weekend doin relief work in New Orleans.

Thursday has me in Erie for a few hours and then Pittsburgh for some more after that. After continuing a Bible study on God’s plan of salvation throughout scripture at Penn State Erie, the whole team is headed down to Pitt to get students to start thinking of summer projects for 2006 (yes, even with it being more than 6 months away).

Pray for safety, effectiveness and God’s leading on our lips.

Long Day Yesterday

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Carrie and I worked 15 hours yesterday beginning with our 8:30 AM prayer meeting with the team.

After we got home, we prepared for our day in Edinboro and Erie. My itinerary included meeting with the EUP Cru faculty advisor for lunch and discussing some things about the ministry and ‘catching up.’ There’s a possibility that we’re going to start a group there to help the Christian professors feel a bit more connected – I’ll keep you all updated as we know things for sure. After that appointment I headed up to Penn State Behrend to meet with 2 professors there that are the faculty advisors for Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (the only Christian group that I know about on that campus) – they seemed to be very on board with CCC starting a movement there, I’m going to try to meet with the IV staff next week.

While I was at Behrend, I ran into a guy who my mom and step-dad used to go to church with before they moved to North Carolina. He works for the post office and I’m pretty sure he was delivering the mail to the university. He mentioned that there was a young adults’ Bible study with their church and that two of the people attending are students at Behrend and suggested that I get in contact with the guy who is leading it (who also happens to be the guy that I believe led my parents to Christ).

I headed back to Edinboro for an appointment that Carrie and I had with the elders’ board at a church that two of our student leaders attend.

While I was in Erie, Carrie was getting stood up by 3 out 5 appointments and in the meantime met a that we were able to talk with for about an hour and a half about faith issues – he was open about his faith and ended up asking us what we believed which gave us an open door to share the Gospel. He’s still searching, but he has a more complete picture of the Christian faith than he did that morning.

At the church board meeting we discussed partnering with them in two ways: Carrie and I are still in need of about 7% of our financial support and were asking them to consider that; also, we value church partnerships to reach colleges very much and were establishing a working relationship with them to help us all better reach Edinboro’s student population.

Afterwards, Carrie and I (along with one of the EUP student leaders) sat in on a group discussion about the issue of homosexuality on campus and what it’s like to be one. We have had a number of chances to meet members of the LGBT (defenition) group at Edinboro and wanted to begin to make in-roads to the group through showing that we and Christ truly care about them regardless of their sexuality. It was a good time to understand their perspectives on campus life and being some possible friendships with the students and faculty there.

Finally it was time for CRU which was great – there were a number of new students this week (as there have been every week this semester. Next week we’ll be back in the University Center after being “banishied” to Dearborn Hall’s TV Lobby (a dorm). The student president spoke about sharing our faith through relationships and did a great job complete with a story about a long-time friend.