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Carrie and I are going to be working on writing our September newsletter as soon as we start getting a handle on what our jobs here at CCC headquarters are going to look like. In the mean time, we want to show you what our work-views are going to be.

You can click any of the images for a larger version of the photograph.

Starting the Day

This is the main entrance to Campus Crusade’s national/international headquarters. We start each office-day coming in through this (or an almost-identical entrance on the other side of the three-building campus.

Carrie and I work in two different buildings; the East Building and West Building. They are appropriately named – one being on the eastern and the other on the western side of a beautiful courtyard.

Carrie’s Space

From the courtyard, this is the East Building. Carrie is in here working in the National Campus (Ministry) Office as a member of the Design Lab. She’ll be laying down the law as a project manager… or at least calmly coaxing the graphic designers and videographers to finish their projects on-time and under-budget. The building is also home to the president’s office, Vonette Bright’s office, the Global Campus leadership and the Woerner Prayer Center (the circular room at the top) where you can always find a collection of staff praying for events and needs around the world.

Carrie’s desk is in one of the most colorful areas of the complex. She faces the wall that carries the design colors of the most recent projects and a lot of other bright colors. Her desk also has a computer setup perfect for a designer – a dual screen Mac provided by the office budget. Also, she is apparently a spy as her phone extension is secret and redacted by the powers that be. (In reality, she just doesn’t have a phone yet.

Jayson’s Space

From the courtyard, this is the West Building (catching all of the hot Florida-afternoon sun). It’s home to some of the office most vital to the daily operation of Campus Crusade for Christ internationally – Donation Services (where all of your support is processed), Financial Services, Human Resources (hiring and staff-care), Volunteer Services, the Jesus Film Project and the US Communications Group. My team is within the US Communications group – the Web Publishing Team.

My area is much more “cubicle-ly.” I’m surrounded by a multi-disciplinary team – writers, designers, programmers, computer coders, marketing specialists, photographers, and web-developers. I will be working mostly as a web developer for our internal website that is intended to communicate with our staff around the US and the world. We’re working currently on making information easier to find by bringing all of our internal sites underneath a single better-organized umbrella. I am coming in, as my team-leader put it, “21 months into a 6-month project,” that has been held up by a huge range of problems. We’re within months of releasing the first phase of the re-development. I am excited to be a part of something that helps so many other staff do their job better.

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