One Drop in the Bucket

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Wow, what an afternoon! The World AIDS Day program put on by the student group B.A.M.N. (By Any Means Necessary) was informative and heart-wrenching, if nothing else. Upon arrival, I was given a red ribbon pin, a set of thought-provoking questions, and a seat on a panel among five others: a professor, a psychologist, an AIDS expert, and two students (“Mr. & Ms. BAMN”).

After a few opening words and an eye-opening presentation from the AIDS expert, the sad statistics were on the table and the discussion was to begin. What do you say to a group of 17-24 yr olds whose state ranks 2nd in the United States only to first-ranking DC on AIDS rate charts! The saddest part is that in a world where abstinence until marriage is seen as impossible and unreasonable, it is an uphill battle to help students to even start asking the right questions.

Hard as it was to feel like a few words and two hours make a difference in lives that could use years of healing, I am thankful for the chance to speak even the smallest breath of the gospel’s grace and truth. God was faithful to keep my prep time beneficial and my nerves calm and allow me to walk away with no regrets, so to Him be the credit!

If you’re curious, here’s an article about the event with a few more details:

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