Oh, DC.

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Hey prayer friends. I know it’s been quite a few weeks since you all heard from us, but it’s for good reason – the semester has started and with it two (or three) 50+ hour work weeks.

Today, as the world remembers the tragedies of seven years ago, I wanted to share two things about this city – one about its culture and one brief bit about its influence on the world.

First, I wanted to share a link to an interview that our pastor, Mark Batterson, did with the magazine Leadership Journal. In it he talks aboput the culture of Washington and the ways that it affects ministry here; he also, in a single sentence captures what we’re trying to do with our ministry to the colleges and universities here:

We want… to be a safe place to hear a dangerous message.

Exactly! The message of the Gospel is a message that can turn the world upside down, it is the message of real revolution which Mark captures as well because the in next phrase he says, “and it’s not a political message.” Please pray that we would create groups, movements and communities on our campuses where people can hear the earth-shaking message of salvation through faith in Christ by grace alone!

When Carrie and I moved here to work on DC campuses we posted a list of influential people that went to school in the DC Metro area. Last night we discovered one more – L. Ron Hubbard. If you don’t know, Hubbard is the founder of the cult “church” of Scientology that has been made popular by Tom Cruise and John Trovolta. I’m not going to spend my time talking about it – you can read the Wikipedia article on it here – but I just wanted to point out that Hubbard was a George Washington University student who dropped out his Junior year – this is why we are reaching these students and this is why we focus on Freshmen. You never know who the person you’re talking to will turn out to be!

Pray for us as we spend hours and hours on campus that we would be faithful to start conversations that would be opportunities to share the dangerous message of Jesus Christ!

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