November 2010 Update

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The Media “LAB”

In an age of info-overload, how do you keep an important message from being lost in the clutter? On Carrie’s team in the National Campus Office (known as “the LAB”), the answer is to ask the Lord to go before you, then use His gifts to communicate with excellence, simplicity and beauty. The result? According to a local print shop owner, graphic design and printed materials that rival the best in Orlando (including Disney), as well as web and video productions for the ministry.

A Brand New “Perspective!”

What’s the LAB up to now? Celebrating the completion of a new evangelism tool called “Perspective,” a deck of cards (beautifully illustrated by Carrie’s teammate Sarah) that serve as a multiple-choice style worldview survey to help students ask others about five topics: Nature of God, Human Nature, Meaning of Life, Identity of Jesus, and Source of Spiritual Truth. The cards also provide a conversational explanation of the gospel, allowing for non-threatening, concrete interaction about Jesus. Listen to what our friends from Pittsburgh say about their experience using the Perspective cards:

“They’re really fun to use … they’re incredibly relevant at helping today’s students (who are certainly of the postmodern generation) look at spirituality and worldview in a way they never have before. They open tremendous doors for conversation. I’ve had my 2 best evangelistic conversations in years in the past 2 weeks!”

Ever on to the next thing, Carrie’s team is now working on the corresponding website ( and training videos for Perspective. You can become a fan of Perspective on facebook by searching “perspective cards” or buy a deck at Thanks again for being a part of the team that made all this possible!


  • These tools to inspire students to trust the Holy Spirit for deeper conversations, & more to know Jesus.
  • The design LAB team to work efficiently to meet winter conference deadlines.
  • Our Stint group to continue to embrace God’s work in our personal lives, aside from office work.

Grace & Peace,

Jayson & Carrie

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