November 2011 Update

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“Armed” for Battle

Daddy and Fia taken by our friend Casey Comstock

Daddy and Fia

One of the best things about this season of focused fundraising is the wealth of time we get to visit and worship with friends, and meet the folks who are important in your lives too. This month, one church we visited studied Exodus 17, with Moses’ upraised arms and staff bringing Israel to victory over Amalek.

Incredible as the miracle is, the glaring reality remains: even the mighty prophet Moses is human with arms prone to tiring out. I (Carrie) could immediately relate. The arms of pregnant women are often barred from lifting anything; the biceps of mothers (I am learning) must do battle with all manner of seats and strollers, never mind the dead weight of an eleven-pound sleeping child. That Sunday during the sermon, I thought of countless afternoons where, like the author of Hebrews, I long for the One greater than Moses whose arms never tire, our Messiah Jesus who “upholds the universe by the word of his power.” A later search turned up no shortage of verses reminding YHWH’s people of His “mighty hand and outstretched arm,” most of which allude to deliverance and strength in battle.

Holding Steady

All this to say that like any work, the work of finding partners for this ministry is not immune from the spiritual battle that we all face as believers.  While I praise God for how well things have been going, please join me in praying especially for Jayson, as he carries the bulk of the responsibility for our family during this time. Pray for our continued protection and endurance through the spiritual battles of fundraising. As we live in transition for an unknown length of time with so many details up in the air, pray that the LORD would be our rock of stability. As we visit churches and meet people, pray that we will rely on the Holy Spirit’s power to initiate even when we feel socially taxed, and for discipline to keep the Sabbath.  Pray for protection from the emotional ups and downs of “crunching numbers,” and from fears of disappointing friends and partners, losing financial support, and feeling unworthiness in ministry.

We praise God for the way He has provided for our needs, protected our marriage, and proven Himself so faithful during this time, but we know we aren’t immune from the enemy’s attacks. Please join us in calling on the One whose strong arms are mighty in battle. We would love to be heading back down to Orlando to The Jesus Film Project by January 1. Thank you again for the part you play in holding us up – we couldn’t do it without you!

Pray For:

  • Our last newsletter had ‘mysterious’ prayer requests that were probably confusing. They weren’t secret codes – just filler-text that we forgot to replace. Pray for our organizational abilities as they seem to have taken a hit since somewhere around early June.
  • Pray for the financial support that would allow for a report date in early January.


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