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So, two weeks ago now – Thursday the 26th. The team had our weekly 2 hour prayer meeting to pray for each other and for our work here in Western PA. One of the things we constantly pray for is for God to open up doors to new campuses.

After we got home, I checked my email to find a message titled:

Campus Crusade for Christ!!! (Gannon needs help!)

The email was from a senior at Gannon who had found my email from, she had felt a need to reach her peers for a while now and only recently searched us out.

Carrie and I were headed up to Erie to go to the Penn State campus there so we worked a time out to meet with her. When we got there we told her what Campus Crusade for Christ was about and asked her some background questions.

It turns out her dad was involved with Cru at Penn State main. Also, she’s attending a Bible study that took place in my mom and Roy’s house before they moved to North Carolina – the Bible study is lead by the guy that led mom and Roy to Christ (Doug).

We’re working through some of the red tape that exists at Gannon due to poor decisions made by other people trying to reach the campus in the past. Pray that God will work through these issues so that more would be able to hear the Gospel in downtown Erie.

My mom received an email from the Doug later that night that recounted the story from his end; he included a song that I’ve sang since I was 11. You’d know the song as Isn’t He Wonderful – Doug and his wife Mary Kay had been missionaries in China in the past so we knew it as Ju Yesho, Jun Kei miuh:

Ju Yesho, Jun Kei miuh
Ju Yesho, Jun Kei miuh
Ju Yesho, ngoh gau Ju, Jan Kie miuh
ngan chang king
yie chang teng.
ching saw joi sing ging gei meng
Ju Yesho, ngoh gau Ju
Jun Kei miuh

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