March 07 Extras

These are the guys that I’m fighting for, or at least some of them. Pray for them, that they would be men of God, that they would not be passive like Adam in the Garden or Abraham before Pharoh. Pray that they would enjoy their charge before God to lead where he has put them and that they will thrive in the year that we are in D.C.!

Cameron (Clarion) is skeptical. Curtis (EUP) is the velcro man. Cameron is a ladies man and a party animal. Russ (Clarion) is actually a really good guitarist and singer.
Actually, I’m going hiking with Scott (Slippery Rock) this weekend. Russ takes a lot of naps. Cameron… Curtis is the abominable snow man.
Mark (EUP)and a racecar. Mark goes to Yoda for advice sometimes. We’re trying to put and end to that. Jim (EUP) is happy! And he likes to eat.
Me and Sean (SRU) reading the instructions. Sean, upside down. Randy and Ben (SRU) at the sledding hill. Mike Horning and Erick in New Orleans with Gerrilyn (PSU Erie)
Mike Knabe (PSU Erie) is excited. Kyle (SRU) is calm. Kyle, out bowling. Mark having some inflatable fun.
Kyle is, umm…. Mike in one of his resident’s room (he’s an RA). Scott at Christmas conference. Scott, Ronald, Randy and Brett (SRU).
Randy at Christmas conference. Mike and Mike are SUPERFANS! Mike Horning loves his Volvo. Scott and Randy are extrordinarilly normal.
Scott making dinner in the parking lot.

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