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For many, the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day consists of relaxing with family, eating and playing with new toys. But for us and about 700 students and staff from the 6-state Mid-Atlantic Region, it consisted of worship, teaching, prayer, fellowship, outreach, comfortable Marriott beds, the underground food court, the D.C. Metro subway, and lots of energy. (Extra.)
Linda, born in Vietnam, is Buddhist but doesn’t know much about it. She says she’ll probably keep her mom’s traditions because her brother won’t and someone should, but she seems curious about my Christian faith. Jen, born in Italy, enjoys being cynical, not believing in God, and hinting about her sex life…(Extra.)
As Katrina was making landfall on the Gulf Coast in August, plans were already being put into motion at Campus Crusade’s headquarters in Orlando to send staff and students to the affected areas. Although the specific level of destruction was yet unknown, it was obvious that the effects would be significant. And while Campus Crusade for Christ has historically chosen to focus energy on people’s spiritual life and health rather than ‘humanitarian’ efforts, it was clear that in this case, God was providing a definite leading…(Extra.)
If I could have one wish, it might be to have 25 students as sharp as Kara. As a senior sports therapy major at Slippery Rock University who’s with us here at the Ocean City Maryland Summer Project, I’m sure she’ll be one of the project’s leaders when the Campus Crusade staff team turns over the project to the students in July…
Of the 28 students on project, we were collectively discipling nine before appointing leaders and leaving town, as is standard Summer Project practice. Here are the stories of two…
Nadia, like thousands of other students from places like Poland, Russia and Nepal, had made her first ever trip to the U.S. in hopes of a better paying summer job than was likely back home.
So far this semester, we’ve seen student leaders surprise us at Edinboro with wisdom beyond their years, a movement launched at Penn State Behrend, a strong community taking root at Clarion, and a new (and unlikely) door opened in downtown Erie. We’ve been busy because God has been busy…
I’ll admit it. I love testimonies with curse words. When I first heard Katy’s (not her real name), it was (aside from the colorful verbiage) one of the better-spoken conversion stories I had heard in a while.

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