May 2013 Update #2 — UCF: 100% Sent

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The campus year is officially over, but not without a fair amount of struggle. The question on the table this year largely revolved around the theme of sending: If we want to go beyond babysitting college students for a few years into the realm of equipping every graduate for a lifetime of personal ministry and kingdom influence, how does this change the “what, why and how” of our movement and how we measure success?

For the sake of brevity, I will spare you the long hours of debate and share possibly the most encouraging gauge I (Carrie) have seen. Accompanied by a host of incredible stories, this poster served as a year-end “Ebenezer” exercise — thus far the Lord has helped us! Each initial represents a small (or large!) victory our students or staff observed this year, in themselves or someone else. Praise the God who changes lives!


Ebenezer bingo?

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