May 2013 Prayer Requests!

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We failed to get a prayer letter out back in March or April, and that’s why we decided to include two updates this month.

This also means that we have quite a few prayer requests…

Please Pray For:

  • Bobby’s hearing on May 22nd. We will be testifying on his behalf.
  • Our travels this summer. We will be away from Orlando for family vacations, our national staff conference and for some support work. Pray for safety & sanity for all 3 of us.
  • Our opportunity to buy the condo that we’ve been renting. Pray for wisdom in the decision. This would be wonderful for our continued outreach to our neighborhood.
  • We’re hosting a brand-new small group for our church. It’s intended to be the beginning of an effort to reach this part of Orlando!
  • The friend that visited us on Good Friday, that he would find the freedom Jesus offers from guilt, anxiety and past hurts.
  • For Summer Cru at UCF which kicks off toward the end of June!


Some of you saw our online update that we’d lost our conference housing unexpectedly. We found new housing!

Thanks for your prayers!

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