Keep Moving – May 2015

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Things Keep Moving

Two weeks ago I (Jayson) had a conversation with my boss leading up to my annual job evaluation meetings, and 18 hours later I had another new job title – Designer. I think it’s the shortest paid job title I’ve ever had – “dad” is shorter, but I think I’m losing money on that one. 😉

I know, it was just back in December that we shared about my role as a product manager – I was in that role for 6 months, and I know that I helped move us forward in improving the Jesus Film Media web site. I spent a lot of time thinking about forward-facing strategy, while also thinking through how to make what we have already more usable.

In my new role, I’ll be focusing on what is called UI/UX in the industry – User Interface and User Experience. If you remember our February update where I gave you all homework on the JFM site, it’s addressing the problems that many of you ran into, specifically the confusion that many of you ran into trying to find content on our site. My job feels similar to translation – making something that is merely valuable into something useful, and useful for sharing the Gospel!

President’s List & Summer School

My time back in school this past semester has a lot to do with the role change. I completed my first semester back in college pursuing my Graphic and Interactive Design degrees. I’ve already seen clear payoff from the classes in my work, and now that I’m “officially” a designer, I’m sure I’ll see more.

Good news, I got straight-A’s for the first time in my life! Now, granted, I am only taking two classes at a time, but I’ve definitely worked harder at them than any other class I’ve ever taken. I’m even taking two calsses online this summer. I remember always feeling like I was busy in college the first time – HAHA! I remember the “nontraditional students” in those classes, they always seemed so intensely focused, asking questions, talking to the professor after class, and they always looked so tired. Oh boy, do I get it now!

Thank you for your piece in all that the Lord has in front of us!

Pray For:

  • The friendships that I made in my classes, that they might develop into opportunities for the Gospel as well as for fun.
  • Our travels this summer, we’ll be doing our biannual Colorado trip starting at the end of next month.

Photos from this past month…

2015-05-PictureHighlights from this past month:

  1. Fia teaching & Cai learning how to do a somersault.
  2. Cai has really taken off on walking. Loves “ow-siiie”.
  3. Fia and Jayson went to their first Star Wars themed party together on May the Fourth.
  4. Cinco de Mayo is a bigger deal in Florida, even if the hats are tiny.
  5. Ice cream is also a big deal.
  6. Days can get a little crazy around the house. We’re thankful for the “dress up box”.
    (Also, Princess Anna dress + Yoda ears = Princess Fiona.)
  7. Jayson went to another hackathon put on by Code for the Kingdom and Wycliffe Associates.
  8. Cai loves rocking chairs, and Cracker Barrel.
  9. Fia has been out of town with her grandparents, but we’ve been having a good time.

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