July 2010 Update

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Creation Festival Recap

Our booth at the Creation Festival was a success (you can see pictures on our website)! The hope was to connect students who want to reach their classmates for Christ – both in college and high school – to staff who can coach and support them. Besides an unspeakable quantity of dust, we brought home names of around 75 students, parents, pastors and volunteers, the majority of whom were interested in reaching high schoolers. Not realizing what a youth-group hub the festival is, we had expected more college interest. Still, we’re thrilled, as Student Venture (CCC’s high school ministry) recently came under the umbrella of the collegiate ministry –and will feed solid leaders into college campuses all over the region!

Home is Where Your Good Pillow Is

Well, here we are back “home” in the cozy apartment that will only be ours for another three weeks when we start preparing for the mid-August move to the Sunshine State! It’s been a summer of regrouping, reconnecting, reflecting, and rejoicing in the midst of much road time (some planned, some incidental). This past week included a wedding (Carrie’s baby sister) and a funeral (Carrie’s grandfather) and saw me drive to PA and back twice to see family and get them to airports.  Even in the craziness, I was able to keep a date with my brother (who lives in Nashville) as we both passed through DC. Praise God for so many sweet moments and meals shared with friends and family, with or without AC!

Three Weeks & Counting

Our hope for June 2011 is that we will be moving back to DC to continue minister here. Accordingly, our regional leadership has allowed us to invest the remainder of this summer shoring up our financial support in hopes of a speedy reentry when we return.  Pray with us that the Lord would raise up a new group of committed partners in the DC area and finish well here, even in the short weeks we have left.

Please Pray

  • Our biggest fundraising need is new people to connect with. Pray that this will happen in the coming week.
  • We move August 18. We’re driving down with friends from DC. Pray for safe travel & good weather.
  • Next week we meet with the new DC team members; pray for smooth, effective transition and for student leaders, who feel the weight of changes most.

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