Jesus Film Media in Brazil – May 2014 Update

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32 Teams (and One More)

The 12 cities of the World Cup 2014.

The 12 cities of the World Cup 2014.

For just over a month – from 12 June to 13 July 2014 – Brazil will play host to soccer teams and tourists from 32 countries around the world. In 12 cities across the largest country in South America, soccer teams will play to win the World Cup – and their fans will follow them.

There’s another team headed there from Orlando. This past Sunday a team of 5 Jesus Film Project staff boarded a plane to begin a whirlwind tour of 6 of the host cities in a single week.

Training for the Goal

The team, will include Jayson’s teammate Hannah. Here’s what she has had to say to her prayer partners:

In light of this highly visible world event, Jesus Film Media has been asked to come train Brazilians on how to reach people for Jesus, using World Cup content, like soccer player’s testimonies and the film JESUS.

They’re training normal everyday Christians, most not pastors, missionaries or professional ministers. The Jesus Film Media app puts the ability to share the Gospel across language lines in the hand of everyone.

Defending Against Shots

There have already been problems and roadblocks. We’d like to ask for you to pray for the team who is going and the team staying back making sure everything goes well behind the scenes.

Please Pray For

  • There have been some major problems with adding the new content to our Jesus Film Media platform. This has usually been an easy routine process, but it’s been worked on for days already.
  • Pray that all of their flights are on time and fairly easy.
  • Pray for team unity. Traveling to 6 cities in 7 days can easily take a toll on moods and patience with one another.
  • Pray for health for the teammates. Traveling can easily cause problems there as well!
  • Pray for cultural differences that can could also throw a wrench in the quick paced project.

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