Jesus Film Media app Beta Testing in Nigeria

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The Jesus Film Media app was tested overseas for the first time yesterday morning. This was the reaction from the Nigerian staff and pastors that were there to experience it. Look at their faces as they shouted for joy!

This week began the closed beta testing on the Jesus Film Media app. We’ve released it to a limited number of JESUS Film Project staff around the world to test for functionality and the ability to stream the videos on so many different connection speeds.

The app should be released in next few months and will be available for Apple and Android mobile devices.

We’re very, very excited. This really could be the next version of the Roman highway system that allowed the Gospel to spread so quickly in the First Century. It will make all of the videos that we own — the JESUS Film, Magdalena, The Story of Jesus for Children, Walking with Jesus (Africa), and Following Jesus (India); in addition to the newly released Rivka series and short films that are wonderful conversational starters. This truly could be a large step forward in reaching people of every tribe, tongue and nation!

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