January 2012 Update

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Passionate about tools.

We feel very fortunate. The positions that God has led us to over the years have overlapped well with our own skills and passions. One of those things for me (Jayson) is that people would use the available tools and resources to the fullest — especially in proclaiming the Gospel!

With the JESUS Film, that means that as we develop applications and tools, I want to make sure we’re creating things that people can actually use, not just flashy useless things.

Some things for you.

I also want our partners to also be able to make the best use of the resources out there. For those with an Android or Apple smartphone, search for an application called God Tools. This app puts great evangelism tools in your pocket — the tried-and-true Four Spiritual Laws in 3 forms, and one for struggling Christians on the power of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life.

If you don’t have a “smart phone”, let me suggest two Bible tools that do have phone apps, but are available on your computer alone: BlueLetterBible.org and ESVBible.org. Blue Letter Bible has just about everything one could want for personal study — 18 versions, word-by-word concordance, commentaries and more. The ESV Bible online offers a way to keep notes, free audio Bible, devotional readings and optional add-on Greek & Hebrew study tools.

About your church: it should be easy for people to find out inf
rmation — at very least service times, an address, and a way to reach leaders by phone or email. If someone searches your church’s name in your town the first result should be a page with its information on it. This is the contemporary equivalent of having a sign by your building.

The easiest way to get a website started is WordPress.com. Their basic pages are free and with plenty of tutorials to get you started. If your church wants their own “.com” site, it will cost a mere $27 a year. A pretty low hurdle!

We see our ministry as not only to our students, neighbors or people through the showing of the JESUS Film, but also to you who partner with us with prayer and/or finances. Please let us know if you ever have questions, how we can be praying for you, or other ways we can care for you!

Pray For

  • We’ve set a moving-to-Florida date of March 15. Pray that we can find the right housing for our family.
  • We need about $315 of monthly support before Jayson can report to his team. Pray that it would come quickly.
  • Jayson is traveling to Austin for a tech- conference in March. Pray for safe travel and lots of learning!

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