I’ve got homework. So do you! – February 2015

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New Year, New Things…

If you remember back to our November update, I (Jayson) was thinking about going back to school.Well, I’m 4 weeks into his first semester pursuing matched set of Graphic- & Interactive-Design degrees. There has already been things that have been useful for my work with Jesus Film Media. As a matter of fact, I have a new role on my team as well. I’m the new Product Manager for JesusFilmMedia.org. Check out my 18 December post for a bit of an explanation.

Help Jayson Manage The Product

In honor of going back to school I have homework for you! First, go JesusFIlmMedia.org on your computer. You have two tasks and one assignment.

The assignment first…


I really just want your thoughts on the process of doing these things.
How hard or easy was it? Were you able to figure it out? Did the site work quickly or was it too slow?


  • Find the full length JESUS Film in any language that is spoken in Nepal.
  • Find and watch the short film Jangled in English. Extra credit: Share it on Facebook

When you’re done, shoot me an email and tell me how it went – especially which parts were the most difficult or confusing.

You will be helping to improve this valuable tool!



Please Pray For…

  • Our family as we adjust to my extra time spent outside of the house for class. Pray for quality time when I’m at home!
  • Pray for Fia. She’s been going through a rough patch trying have an obedient heart. Join her in praying that she’d learn to not listen to the “sneaky snake,” and would trust God’s leadership through mommy & daddy.

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