I love our job (prayer letter)

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It really feels like it’s been a long time since we’ve updated… I guess it has been since Christmas.

Christmas conference was great this year (as usual). If you want to get an idea of how great it was, check out the website for it (link), we’ve uploaded most of the seminars from the it on the “media” page, check a few of them out. Also, if you want to see pictures from it go to gallery.ChristmasConference.com.

This year I was running the light-board for the main sessions (there’s a picture in the “stage” photos section), which is kind of cool since my brother is a professional sound-guy. Carrie was working in the conference office guarding the computers and the information hub for everything.

The semester has started out… crazy. This week we are working about 6 days straight, and the same for next week. We love to see our students excel, but that tends to mean more work for us when they do. Pray for energy from the Lord that we can continue at this pace.

We’ve put out our newest prayer letter about what has been going on.

Also, keep us in your prayers as we look to move north to focus on the Erie-area schools. We are meeting with a bank tomorrow to see what sort of assistance we qualify for.

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