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Today I received a call from Libbie, one of our recently-graduated Edinboro student leaders with some bad news. (For those that keep up with our newsletter, you may remember her from November’s update.) We’ve known Libbie since her freshman year, and it’s been fun to watch her grow into a strong woman of the Lord and prayer warrior as she’s dealt with numerous deaths and health issues in her family, most recently with her 26-year-old sister Jessie who’s been on dialysis and had some long, scary hospitalizations. Last night, after several weeks of marked improvement, Jessie passed away relatively unexpectedly. Please pray for Libbie as she makes the arrangements while continuing to hunt for a job, and for her family as they grieve.

As hard as it is to know what to say, I’m sure Libbie would be grateful for encouragement from whomever God would lead to send it. Her mailing address is:

Libbie Cicconi
108 Emerson Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15125

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