First Day!

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As I type, I’m sitting at my new desk in the Digital Development Team’s area of the JESUS Film’s wing of Campus Crusade for Christ International’s headquarters in Orlando. Carrie and Fia are at our apartment in the Azalea Park neighborhood of Orlando.

This is what we’ve been aiming at for the last 9 months. We’ve met with a lot of people and shared the vision for my new position and these locations, so many of you have come along side of us in prayer and by giving your finances to this work of the Lord. Thank you for that!

Please be praying for all three of us. After a wonderful 9 months of being able to work from home and spend time with Carrie and Fia, I’m already missing them a lot and wishing I could cuddle that cute little ball of fat and spit (Fia) and hug my wife. Carrie and I prayed together this morning for our new normal, for this place being home for now, and for God to show Himself as big in our lives and hearts.

I am praising God for reporting today, and it’s sweet with only the slightest twinge of bitterness – join with us in praying through this transition as well!

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