Financial Administration?!

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Last Friday was a brand new experience for me. I traveled to Harrisonburg, VA to get some training to step into a financial administration role with the team here in DC.

A few weeks ago, I discovered the desire to help the team become more organized on the whole. I’ve been working on the team’s website and I’ve been working on the online advertising and correspondence with students as well. Well, I was also asked to consider taking on some of the financial administrative role as well.

To be quite honest, I’ve never been good at handling my own finances well, and (whether it’s the optimal arrangement or not) Carrie takes on a lot of that role for the two of us – she’s far more personally organized and conscientious. Needless to say, the financial stuff is a little bit away from my gifting and not even close to what excites me about our job; on the other hand it’s something that needs taken care of on our team and I may be the most likely to do it and do it well (for some reason, it’s easier for me to do it for the team than it is for me to do it for my personal finances).

Well, I learned terms like Quick Journal Upload Form, Business Unit, Operating Unit, GL Account, Contract Routing Slip and Blanket Purchase Order. I know what they mean now and I know how to account for the money that goes in and comes out of our team’s operating account (the account that goes to pay for a lot of the materials, conference set up expenses and advertising), I’ve also learned how it needs to be taken care of to keep the IRS happy with Crusade on the whole.

Pray for me as I step a little into this new role so I can serve and help Jake lead our team from his strength of casting vision for reaching every student on every campus of the Washington DC Metro area.

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