February 2013 Update – New Position

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Imagine you’re from Nigeria. You speak English and Nupe, the language of locals near the capital where you now live. Your grandmother, back in your hometown, usually speaks another language that you don’t know the name of. Since moving away to college you started following Jesu and want to talk about him with your grandmother when you visit over the break. You know that she’s never watched a movie and would be amazed to hear and see the story of Jesu for herself like you did when other students showed you the film last fall. But, how can you show it to her? She doesn’t speak English or Nupe, and there isn’t a television or a DVD player in her small village.

Pamo Ja

Students at the Pamo Ja conference pledging to serve as missionaries.
Students at the Pamo Ja conference pledging to serve as missionaries.

When we were on campus, we had a student conference every year just after Christmas. It was always great, but leaving so soon wasn’t our favorite. Well, imagine leaving on Christmas day to head to Nigeria for a conference that starts on the 27th. That’s just what a couple of Jayson’s teammates did. They spent a week interacting with students from all over Africa and introducing them to an app called Kolo Africa built by a partner ministry.

Kolo allows you to browse to a list of languages spoken in any given country. When you click through the list of languages, it plays a single sentence from the JESUS Film. When you hear the appropriate language, you can select it and play any of the available videos in that language, even if you can’t read it. It’s a solution that Jayson’s team never would have thought of, but this partner saw a gap and bridged it.


Since moving to JFM, I’ve jokingly called myself a “pixel pusher,” designing web pages and other media to get the word of our app out. In December, I added another role, “Platform Partnership Manager” or “platform pusher” as I like to call it.

What this means is that as we connect with ministries like the Kolo Group, I will be the one who knows the system and helps them use it more effectively to communicate the Gospel.

This role allows me to exercise both my strategic and technical skills to make the best use of our resources — something I’ve been itching to do for a while now. Thanks for being behind us!

Pray For:

  • Jayson is still getting his brain wrapped around the technical specifics of the Jesus Film Media platform. Pray for the Spirit to help him ‘connect the dots.’
  • Pray for Bobby (“Brad” previously), things have been up and down. But, the Lord is working and continuing to draw him to dependence on Christ. Check out the previous two posts website for more. Email Jayson if you need the password for the protected one.
  • We really like our apartment and we feel blessed that we’re going to be able to sign a lease for another year!
  • Carrie’s team at UCF & student leaders as they test out a new structure for Bible study and discipleship. Change rarely comes with out bumps!

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