Daasanach – Number 1,500!

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The Daasanach language is spoken by about 85,000 people from a people group of the same name living in and around Ethiopia, Kenya, and South Sudan. The people are largely cattle herders, and some have referred to their culture as “tribal avant-garde” with just one example being the colorful headgear they love to wear.

While the New Testament is available in Daasanach, the literacy rate sits somewhere around 2%, which limits the Scriptures’ impact on the people individually, and their culture on the whole.

Because of this, we’re proud to to announce that Daasanach has been released as the 1,500th translation of the JESUS film. The script was translated a while ago, but the production process can take years. If you want to hear the translation, it is available on the Jesus Film app, or on JesusFilm.org!

Mission 865

In 2010 the Jesus Film Project identified every language or dialect spoken by 50,000 people or more into which the JESUS film had not been translated. These people groups represent around 323 million people. Working with partnership translators and other missions organizations, we’re making incredible progress having completed 275 of these particular languages. Additionally, the frequency at which we’re releasing films continues to increase. Daasanach was just announced on 1 March, and as of this morning I saw that the total translation count had increased to 1,511!

Pray that we’d see the impact of Daasanach clearly, and that the Lord would continue to hasten the completion of the Great Commission!

The Translation Process

Many people have no idea what the actual process of producing a JESUS film translation looks like, these are the most basic steps:

  1. Written Translation
  2. Video Matching
  3. Recording
  4. Mixing & Editing
  5. Distribution Preparation
  6. Screening
  7. General Release

Thank you for being a part of all of this!


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