Congo and Korea

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I’m starting to write this over the Pacific Ocean – somewhere between the Emperor Seamounts at the International Date Line – or at least that’s what the progress map on my entertainment screen says. It’s 3:30pm in Seoul on September 22nd, and 2:30am in Orlando, but when I cross the international dateline, it’ll be something like 7:00pm on September 21st. …

Jesus Film Staff @ the conference in the Netherlands, including Jim Green (right), the executive director of JFP from 2005-2012.

Travels, Toilets, Hospitals (not us), Swimming Pools, and…

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March and April were doozies of months for the Whelpley household. I (Jayson) was out of town for two weeks for conferences in Las Vegas and the Netherlands. There was some illness in the camp, and some potty-training regression to go along with it. The boys were both taking swimming lessons (complete with daily fear-freakouts). And, we had 5 people from our church community in and out of the hospital.

Problems, Opportunities & Workarounds in Central Asia

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Nicole leads a campus ministry that is working in the southern part of a former Soviet Republic. Last Tuesday I spoke with her via Skype about how her teammates are using Jesus Film Project’s digital tools to reach students at schools in that region and across the border into another former Soviet Republic.  Because of technology hurdles, our Jesus Film …