The Foremost Sinner that Jesus Loves (a mini-sermon)

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A couple of times in 2019 I had the opportunity to preach at a primarily Chinese-language church here in Orlando. I wrote a third sermon, but due to some scheduling conflicts, I was unable to deliver it. But, I’ve had it sitting around since then, and decided to record it for a devotional for my team while we’re all remote …

Congo and Korea

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I’m starting to write this over the Pacific Ocean – somewhere between the Emperor Seamounts at the International Date Line – or at least that’s what the progress map on my entertainment screen says. It’s 3:30pm in Seoul on September 22nd, and 2:30am in Orlando, but when I cross the international dateline, it’ll be something like 7:00pm on September 21st. …

Jesus Film Staff @ the conference in the Netherlands, including Jim Green (right), the executive director of JFP from 2005-2012.

Travels, Toilets, Hospitals (not us), Swimming Pools, and…

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March and April were doozies of months for the Whelpley household. I (Jayson) was out of town for two weeks for conferences in Las Vegas and the Netherlands. There was some illness in the camp, and some potty-training regression to go along with it. The boys were both taking swimming lessons (complete with daily fear-freakouts). And, we had 5 people from our church community in and out of the hospital.