April 2010 Update

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What do you do again?

Some days, I wonder this myself.  My position focus outlines a few basic responsibilities, among which are loving my Lord and team, learning the culture of my city, and coaching student-led spiritual movements on college campuses here.  The accompanying expectations vary from helpful to rather vague, depending on the tilt of the day. Once in a while, though, we’ll have an encounter or hear a story to which we point and say, “This. I’m pretty sure my job is this.”


The following are excerpts from an email from Jess, a student leader at Marymount University, shared with permission.  Of course, no one story can capture the whole, but I’ll share it because it’s still a good day. From Jess, shortened to fit:

“So today, I was walking down the hall & my friend S. (she’s an RA too) walked by & she looked sad & I found out that her boyfriend of over a year cheated on her with her BEST FRIEND! We talked about it & she seemed stable & everything so I said bye & told her to keep me in the loop. [Background info: I have been praying for opportunities to share my faith with both S. & N.]

Then I went to the mall with N. & E. When we got back, we ran into S. & she was BAWLING HER EYES OUT. So we stopped & asked what was wrong & she totally gushed about the whole boyfriend drama. Turns out, her “best friend” has been sleeping with her boyfriend for over a month. It was a huge fat big ugly secret & everyone knew but her… literally. So they didn’t tell her the whole truth & one of her friends accidentally blurted it out. She was hysterical & as she was standing there in the deepest desperation, I’m thinking what do I do? How can I serve & love her… in front of E­. & N. who are not Christians??? So we listened for about another 10 minutes & she shared that yesterday she took 4 Zanex to calm her nerves & has 3 packs of cigarettes to smoke tonight. That was it, I was like, can I pray for you? And she was like… I wish I was more religious & I wrapped my arms around her & prayed for her out loud. E. & N. both hugged us from the outside & we all cried & prayed for strength & comfort for a solid 10 minutes. And the Holy Spirit moved. Wow. S. was sobbing through the whole thing & thanked me through tears at the end. I gave her a hug & told her to come to my room if she needs me.

THEN, N. came to hang out & I brought up facebook & checked my inbox. In it was a message from my friend, Meg. We were writing about prayer requests & she told me she wants to help me with summer project 🙂 N. looks over my shoulder & is like who is Meg? I was like… she’s my friend from home, she’s so on fire for God it’s so inspiring (because I’m really open with my friends even if they are not Christians). I could tell she was interested & she was like… Oh I felt that way once… must be nice. So I was like…what do you mean? She explained that she went on a camp trip & had a moment where she was overwhelmed with tears & accepted Jesus. After that she was baptized. She said she literally felt like God touched her soul with his Hand. (woah.)  She also said that it was like she came to this crazy understanding of how much God loves her & that she understood who Jesus is. So I asked what happened? what changed? She explained that when she went home, her friends looked at her like she was crazy & her mom was like let’s see how long this lasts. Since then, she said she believes in God. But she flat out asked me… How do you get to heaven? So I shared how you get to heaven with her!!!! God is so cool! We talked for a long time, she said some strange guy on the street gave her a track TODAY with all these encouraging verses about salvation. She asked me, Do you think God is telling me something? I said, Maybe he wants you to revive your love for Him like it was that one night at camp? We talked a lot about the Bible & read some verses & she was like this was fun, we should talk like this more often! She left so peppy & encouraged, the papers I gave her in hand.

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you, if it wasn’t for the bold love that you have all showed me and the literal lessons on how to share my faith, today would not have been the day it was. God is at work, and using you to bless others. Let’s praise Him for how wonderful and in control He is!”

Grace & Peace,

Jayson & Carrie

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