April 2016 — Update on Whelpley Boys & Their Names

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Xander Whelpley!

We are proud to announce the birth of our second son, Xander “Xan” Whelpley (pronounced zan)! He was born on 26 February, 2016 at 11:07am!

Our family takes names seriously. Xander is a shortened form of Alexander – a family name on Carrie’s side. It’s original Greek meaning is something like “defender of the people.” We hope that he will grow up to be someone who cares well for the people around him, someone who will stand up to defend and fight for the ones that the Lord puts in his life.

It fits well with our last name Whelpley, means “guarded pasture for small animals“. It’s rooted in the words “whelp” and “ley”. Whelp is easy to figure out – young, small animals, particularly dogs. Ley is related to “lee” like the leeward side of an island, the side that is blocked from getting the strong winds. It is safer to live there and farm there because of that protection. In our little branch of the Whelpley family we like to live this out by creating safe places for people who are in danger from the world around them, especially those who are defenseless on their own.

Micaiah Liam

Also, 4 February was Cai’s second birthday. We decided, back when we had Fia in 2011, that we would wait until our children’s 2nd birthday to give them their middle names. It gives us a chance to know them, and give them a name that describes who they seem to be growing into.

After a lot of deliberation, we gave Cai the middle name of Liam. Jayson’s dad’s side of the family has a loose tradition of giving sons a a middle name that is the name of one of their grandfathers. Jayson’s is William, and his brother’s is Albert. Jayson’s dad’s name is Bill (“William”), so we decided not to double up directly and used a shortened form of the name. The meaning of the name is “strong protector,” but it has roots in the old German name that means “helmet-willed.”

Cai is both a little protector & comforter – he’s always the first to “notice danger,” or be at someone’s side comforting them when they’re injured or sad. But, then again, he’s also the most likely in our family to stomp his feet, be generally stubborn, and scream his requests (or “demands with a ‘please.'”).

Cai loves Xander very, very much!

On the Road Again

As we all know, kids are expensive. Starting last month, I’ve stepped back from my team for a couple of months to work on our ministry funding. I am thankful for some time where I can work from home, but I am also going to need to travel a bit. Pray four our growing family, and for our safety & sanity. The Lord has always blessed us faithfully in our finances; pray that we’d continue to be faithful to do our part to seek it out, and that our needs would be met quickly so I can get back to work!

Grace & Peace,

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