A Revolution is Coming: What Jayson is working on.

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The work that I’m doing day-in and day-out is all about what is in this video!

Matt Brubaker and Gabe Handy are my immediate bosses. When I play office pranks, they’re in the top three of likely-victims. I am one of the “team of 11” that Gabe talks about at the 3:20 mark.

When the digital media platform that Matt talks about is released, the website that our partners with interact with will be designed by yours truly so that it will be easy for people to use!

If you want to get updates from my team as things develop, head over to JesusFilmMedia.org and use the form at the bottom of the page. Oh, yeah, and I put together that site as well!

I know that may of you visiting our page are giving generously to our ministry, but if you’d also consider partnering with my team it can only help accelerate the reach of the Gospel! To do that, head to this page on JESUSFilm.org.

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