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My Last Day, is one of the JESUS Film Project’s newest resources. Officially released in the past couple months, it should be a wonderful tool for “visually translating” the possible story of one of the thieves crucified next to Jesus.

We’re hoping that social media will be a tool that will help to accelerate the spread of this 9 minute short film.

The first thing put on my plate when I arrived at my desk was to help put the finishing touches on the site that had to be outsourced to a development company that costs the ministry a pretty penny.

As I checked off the boxes of making text-changes to the site (not as easy as one would think), I noticed that one of the key portions of the site — the “Share This Site with a Friend” did not display properly on any mobile device if it was in a landscape setting (wider than it is tall). This could be a huge problem! With our key audience browsing more and more on mobile devices, this could end up being somewhere in the ballpark of 10-25% of our audience that was locked out of our key method of spreading the message!

It took me a few days to figure out exactly what the problem was and to fix it, but it works now. It may not be a the largest of issues, but those hours may just lead to a few hundred more people considering what it means to have eternal life.

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