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Hey! I know it’s been almost a month since we’ve updated, but there is a lot to share…

To start, we’re back from Summer Project and from everything we’re hearing the students are continuing great. In one week they shared the gospel over 100 times! If you want to see some of them, go to our photos page and take a look at the pictures there. Also, our new prayer letter is up – Carrie and I share about two of the students that we worked with and the blessing that summer project can be.

Speaking of newsletters, Carrie and I have decided to add a new section to the newsletter area, called Taking it With You where we share some of the training with you that we teach our students on campus and summer project. This installment goes over how to have a conversation about your faith with someone (someone you know or someone random). Check out this new section.

Also, on a sad note… In our last update here we shared that my grandmother wasn’t doing well with her pancreatic cancer. On July 7th she passed away surrounded by family. The funeral and wake were great to visit with family and friends. Thank you for your prayers, please continue to pray that God would work in my family through this difficult time.

The rest of the summer is going to be crazy-full… we have support trips to make, a conference to attend, a lot of birthdays (including mine on the 12th of August), our 2nd anniversary (August 14th) and I’m taking a trip with my roommate from college to go down to Virginia to spend 3 days on the Appalachian Trail! The 21st of August begins planning days for this coming school year! It’s so close, I can hardly believe it!

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