Jesus Film Staff @ the conference in the Netherlands, including Jim Green (right), the executive director of JFP from 2005-2012.

Travels, Toilets, Hospitals (not us), Swimming Pools, and…

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March and April were doozies of months for the Whelpley household. I (Jayson) was out of town for two weeks for conferences in Las Vegas and the Netherlands. There was some illness in the camp, and some potty-training regression to go along with it. The boys were both taking swimming lessons (complete with daily fear-freakouts). And, we had 5 people from our church community in and out of the hospital.

Oh… yeah… and Carrie is pregnant! SURPRISE! (It’s a girl!)

Vegas & Zelhem

Our group at the Adobe Summit in Vegas.

The two conferences I attended couldn’t have been more different. The conference in Vegas was for Adobe; a software company whose products Jesus Film uses extensively. I took a two-day training course on how to better use their tools to deeply understand how our users interact with our tools. There were 17,000 people there!

A week later I was in the rural Netherlands with 600 people from 210 missions organizations. Some were in the front lines of 78 different countries, while others were behind-the-scenes support staff like me. Presenters and attendees focused on different aspects of missions: anthropology, cultural application, ethnoarts, IT, mobile tech, orality, radio, social media, web, and virtual media.

The Netherlands are famous for so many bikes. I rode a LOT that week.

It is humbling & encouraging to hear the stories of how God and His church are working around the world in areas and languages where the Gospel has never gone before, and where preaching the Gospel carries a death sentence. The takeaways from both conferences will be invaluable in our work to get the story of Jesus to everyone, everywhere. There are 5 new or renewed initiatives as a result of the inspiration & information we gathered on these trips.

Pray for the Gospel to continue to go out all around the world, and for our place in it. I’m continually surprised by how God chooses to use me to be a part of it at all. Thank you for your partnership in our work!

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  1. Glad Central Baptist Church, Millerstown. Pa can partner with you in prayer and financial support. We have a “missionary of the month” section in our bulletin. You/your family will be Missionary of the Month for May/June. Can you send praise/prayer requests to me at [email removed] Thanks. Jane McClure, Missions Committee.

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